In 1968 Amherst was a quiet rural town. Niagara Falls Boulevard and Maple Road were each two-lane thoroughfares with minimal commercial development. Skinnersville Road was a sleepy country road with 10 houses, a riding stable, and a radio station with a broadcasting tower. The only things this section of Amherst had going for it were the newly constructed Boulevard Mall, two movie theatres and the University of Buffalo campus, which had just recently begun construction. Caldwell Development and Marc Equity (two developers in the area) thought this was an up and coming area and decided to build some apartments on Skinnersville Road, that sleepy little country lane to nowhere.

By 1969, some houses were moved; the radio station and tower were gone, as were  some of the older houses and the horse  barn. In their place were 6 buildings of townhouses and three buildings of garden style apartments, with many more to come. Eventually, 220 units of 1 and 2 bedroom garden units and 2 and 3 bedroom townhouses were built on the former riding stable and grounds.

It was about this time that the concept of condominiums was beginning to enter the housing market. The developers had made a success out of converting a sister complex, Oakbrook Apartments, into condominiums in 1976. In 1977, the developers started making some needed repairs and upgrades to the buildings and grounds anticipating the conversion process for Charter Oaks Apartments as well. Existing tenants were given the option of purchasing their units at a reduced price. By October of 1978 enough apartments had been sold to satisfy the legal requirements and Charter Oaks became a condominium.

-Mike Fletcher