Home Owner Association (HOA) Boards

Condominium living is a cooperative venture in which the rights of one owner may have an impact upon the other, therefore it is necessary to have various rules, standards, and safeguards in order for the unit owners live together and to keep the unit properly maintained. Please pick up a current Rules and Regulations package from the office for more details.

  • Everyone belongs to Charter Communities Association – the “grounds”.
  • Everyone also belongs to a Condominium “entity” which takes care of their building. This is based on where your building is – in Charter Oaks, Chappelle A, Chappelle B, or Chappelle C.  There are separate Declarations and By-Laws for all of the above entities. Not sure which association you belong to? Check out the Grounds Map here.
  • HOA (Homeowner Association) Fees are due the first of the month. Late fees accrue on the 10th of the month.

The ‘Blue Book’ outlining this information can be found here.  Information for the members that make up each board are listed below.

Charter Communities Association (Grounds)

President – Carolyn Markowski

Vice President – John Grassi

Treasurer – Frank Griffin

Additional Members – Carol Burgess, Jim Karsten, Jane Mahlstedt, and Bart Mazzariello

President – Bart Mazzariello

Vice President/Treasurer – Mark Ellman

Secretary – Julie Carey

Additional Members – Kathleen Ballard, Carol Burgess, John     Grassi, Jim Karsten, Jane Mahlstedt, Dave Rozicki

Kelly King

Jim Ficker

Dave Fumanti

Wes Riley

Mary Ann Rizzo

Jan Balsamo

Frank Griffin

Jonathan Koch